Fixed price….NO BARGAIN!

If you tend to visit any of the local markets, various shops have this little banner somewhere close to the billing counter that says….


Us being us, whenever possible, we still try and tell the person to see if there is any offer or discount he can give us….what’s the harm in trying, isn’t it! Yeah, we don’t do this in shopping malls and supermarkets because we know the staff is managing and they don’t have any decision power in their hands, especially for the small items & groceries. But for small shops, where the owner is sitting at the billing counter, its worth a try sometimes, trust me πŸ™‚

But, can you negotiate the price of something which is Priceless?

Its worth a million, but costs nothing……its your SMILE πŸ™‚ and HAPPINESS, my friend

What stops you from using that precious SMILE of yours and being in the state of HAPPINESS at all times? It costs nothing, its always available with you, it makes you feel better instantly, it makes people around you feel better simultaneously and trust me, we always and yes, always have a REASON TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY!

We cannot be trouble free at any point of time, as that is LIFE…..something or the other will keep pricking but We are Alive, Breathing, our Loved ones are Safe….isn’t that reason enough for you to be Happy? We end up spending our LIFE, bound up to the milestones that will come when they are supposed to come. They will come when they will come, what about now?

We all have heard us and our loved ones say this:

  • I will be Happy when, I will get that Promotion!
  • I will be Happy when, I will achieve my Target weight!
  • You will see me Smiling, when I will crack that deal!
  • I know that I have enough but I will be Happy when I get XYZ…..

We keep Negotiating (and rather confusing and delaying) our SMILES and HAPPINESS when we attach it to the achievement of our Milestones and loose out on our Moments of Happiness that we can enjoy HERE and NOW!

Even when we are 100% stressed about something, we can still be Calm and Happy…… don’t believe me……try to convince your mind, exactly the way you do when you are in Supermarket, that the Price is Fixed…..there is no way to Negotiate and here there is not even an option of “Take it or Leave it”, what’s come to you in Life, you have to “Take it”, so just accept it, SMILE and move on, my friend.

To conclude: This won’t make your hardships go away and there is no better way to Learn in Life, more than through your good and bad and tricky experiences. But, believe me, with this little change in your Mindset, it will definitely help you lead a more meaningful and fulfilling LIFE with more Friends and loved ones around……remember, no one likes to be around a CRY Baby and everyone enjoys the company of a SMILING & a CHARMING Baby… choose it wisely, my friend, HAPPINESS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE πŸ™‚

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