Sometimes waiting is good!

After would-be-parents receive the good news from the doctor about the arrival of their baby, the couple has to patiently wait for full nine months to hold their little bundle of joy! This waiting is good, very good! Isn’t it?

In life, we all are waiting for something!

All those who share their thoughts on social media through blogs, articles, stories. Once you post it out there, then you wait for that first 👍🏻 or a comment. That’s anxious waiting and depending on the response can be either good 😊 or bad 🙁, but overall no loss!

One can keep going and sharing like I am doing right now, while I am waiting in the reception area of an office where I have come to meet someone😊. Outcome will be happy or sad or neutral, don’t know yet!

One wait that kills is after you apply for a job or give an interview and then wait endlessly with no response from the other end🙁. I hope all in this boat will agree that it’s better to get “No” for an answer rather than “No response”. Atleast this way you don’t die of anxiety and can plan for other avenues accordingly.

So my friends, for whatever you are waiting for – a phone call from your long lost love, appointment letter of your dream job, arrival of your baby, University admission, etc. etc. I wish you Happy Waiting!

Keep calm and win the world😊 May your wait gets you a positive response and hope it brings you lots of happiness and success👍🏻

Most importantly, if you don’t get the positive response you are waiting for, please don’t lose hope.

Believe me, Someone, Somewhere is waiting for you with a better plan 🙂 Fingers crossed!!

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