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Shh… let the mystery unfold!

Imagine that you waited long enough for the release of a thriller movie and just before you were entering the theatre, a friend of yours disclosed the entire movie plot till the last suspense to you….what a bummer, isn’t it?

Thinking about this unwanted disclosure above, I started wondering, what if, when we were born, we already knew our full life path and what all will we achieve in our respective lives and how! Imagine if we already knew about all our future achievements, our life partners, the opportunities, the accidents and even the death of our loved oneswould we like it that way?

I believe that Life is interesting and worth all our efforts, especially with this Mystery, this Wait which is sometimes a good wait and many a times, a wait full of anxiety, pain, tears and more…. its these emotions that makes it all worth the experience. You may like to also read my earlier blog Sometimes waiting is good!

Well, we as humans like to accept Challenges and most of the times we put our best foot forward to shine and outshine our own performances time and again, in the toughest situations, don’t we?

Believe me, if we knew what’s ahead of us, we would be more Anxious than what we currently are….

Would you try anything if you already knew that you are going to FAIL?

It is indeed this unknown that keeps the Hope alive in us and Motivates us to take the next step and move ahead, what come may!

Mind you, knowing life path does not mean we will not have hardships. We will have to go through everything but for all the rough patches, we will be Worried much before the phase starts and even in our best times, we will not be able to enjoy fully as we will know about our Upcoming Hardships …. what’s the point? 😦

To conclude: Thanks to the this Mystery that life unfolds, we can always keep our Hope alive! Be the “Hero” of your Thriller movie called “Life”, where the suspense unfolds with every scene passing by, enjoy every Emotion and Experience that you get and make it special and memorable for yourself and for your loved ones. Stride to achieve more Happiness, more Smiles and more Love for yourself and for everyone around…. Be the Star of your Life Thriller, my friend👍🏻Get, set, GO 😊


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