Do you believe in sharing?

Sharing is caring!

This is what we have learnt and are teaching our children too, right!! But, do we really believe in sharing?

Don’t worry I am not talking about donations of money and clothes here!

I want you to introspect and do a check within that are you ready to share your feelings and emotions? And mind you, sharing both positive and negative ones is equally important!

Let me tell you a short incident from the life of Alex and Tom to relate this better.

Alex was very talented, had enough experience as a store manager for car servicing company but owing to recession he lost his job 🙁. He relocated and to survive took a job of a mechanic that paid him just enough to live. Alex wanted to get a better job but chose not to share his desire or feelings with his colleagues and peers working with him. No one knew his exact qualification or details about his vast experience, as Alex hardly spoke to anyone. Alex’s struggle went on for years….

Tom, the mechanic shop owner (where Alex worked) on the other hand was planning to open a store of auto parts and was looking for someone with knowledge and experience but was unable to find good candidates. 🙁 Paying a Consultant to find the right candidate would have costed a lot of money, so the idea with Tom kept on getting delayed….

Both had issues and the simple solution was in the sharing!

Mostly, we restrict ourselves from sharing and especially our failures and negative emotions as we feel the other person may perceive us as weak.

I request you to read my earlier blog, Perceptions are seldom right!, if you have not read it already.

If Alex had shared his experience and concern with his peers, someone would have recommended him to Tom. Simultaneously, if Tom had shared the requirement with his team then may be Alex would have taken the opportunity to speak to Tom!

Can you observe, how a little act of sharing would have saved so much agony and brought so much happiness to both. Actually not just the two of them but to their respective families and imagine the positive impact it could have brought to their business.

As humans, we seek empathy, compassion, an ear to listen and most importantly a heart to understand. If you try to look around, you will notice that people who have good close friends or good companions or life partners, seem to have less problems, as they have someone to go to for discussion; someone who can help them get to the solution faster. Believe me, it is true!

I urge you to take time and make friends; speak to your family, colleagues, friends and peers…. help them to share their stories and inhibitions and you share yours. Help each other in any way you can… Even if you can’t help, you will help them just with this act of sharing as most of the times, we already know the solution but we just need someone to validate it for us. Do you agree?

You have the power to heal someone of their pain and help them take the right decisions! And you can share this blessing at no cost!

Share your time with your loved ones, listen to them and connect with them to ease their journey as well as your own!

Want to share something, my friend? I am all ears! Write to me in the comment section below. You never know, may be I have the key to your problem or may be someone else in this vast universe may reach out to you through this channel! What’s the harm? 😉

To conclude: Become the go to person for your near and dear ones. This won’t happen overnight, it will take time to build that trust and comfort for others to share their deepest feelings with you! Respect that and most importantly, as you won’t like your secrets leaked, no one does! So be very mindful if someone shares their feelings with you! Help them if you can, else, that little comfort of hearing and consoling is also worthy of an effort!

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3 thoughts on “Do you believe in sharing?

  1. Listening is such a great skill that most of us don’t have and are never taught to us from our childhood. Thanks for reiterating this fact. This is a good reminder. Even though I am a great follower of this philosophy of sharing of emotions, I guess the only point I would like to stress upon here is that we should try to share only FACTS and NOT our OPINIONS if we are really looking for unbiased suggestions / solutions.

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  2. Yes sharing is a really beautiful and healing process…when we share our concerns it works both ways…we are able to help others on one hand while internally it repairs some of our own broken parts…

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