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Geometry of life!

Try drawing a circle without using the compass! Yes for sure, to the naked eye, you can make a nice looking circle by hand but geometrically it may not come out perfect! Do you agree?

Similarly, in life we are supposed to reach from point A i.e. our birth to point B i.e. our end (or death if you are fine reading this hard truth) and what we do in between is the journey that we all undertake.

During this journey, we mostly know and take the right path!

But sometimes, there are easy choices or short cuts that are available and these choices attract us towards them. Just like the hand drawn circle that is easy to make rather than picking a compass and then drawing it perfectly; these short cuts seem to be so lucrative, easy and approachable!

Also, depending on our vulnerability, we may even get fully convinced in choosing these paths as we get blind sighted and neglect the fact that this path may have a flip side or ignore our inner voice that shouts : “THIS IS NOT RIGHT!”

Please remember that point A and point B are fixed for our life and the time you will take in this journey i.e. your life span is also fixed as per God’s master plan, so mind you, by taking these short cuts, we may end up elongating some other phase of your life….. so isn’t it wise to stick to the right path rather than choosing the easy ones?

Think about it, we may be loosing more than we are gaining with wrong choices!

When we make these wrong decisions, irrespective of how big or small the decision is, believe me, our inner conscience warns us and we know something is not right! Do you agree?

Its never late in life! Try to create balance in your life. Be firm with yourself and also in your relations.

Truth is one and lies are many! Undoubtedly, what is right and true will remain so for everyone and in every moment!

But….when you lie or take short cuts, that’s when versions start getting created and every one can have a totally different version of the same situation, causing confusion, chaos, misunderstandings and agony!

We always have a choice but what we choose to move forward in our life, decides who we are as individuals. We define the geometry of our own lives! It is us who are solely responsible for our integrity and dignity, what say?

To conclude: Everything that you do going forward, just ensure that you take the right choice and not the easy choice….then, each moment spent in this journey called life will be worth living! Choose to use the compass next time 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Geometry of life!

  1. Thanks for taking the time to write for all of us!!! I look forward to your blog as it gives me a chance to introspect and see life as it really is , instead of how we would like it to be !! Please keep writing !! On behalf of all your readers – we really appreciate it.


  2. In grand scheme of things, yes, completely agree with you that there are no short cuts in life. As you mentioned, whatever one does, his/her inner conscience knows the difference between right and wrong. But sometimes, we have no other option, but to tell a lie or just say whatever that person wants to hear to just close that conversation. Sometimes, I feel like telling those people upfront that they should not be bothered about my life, but then that would not make that person feel at better. Eg: in situations where the other person tries to intrude one’s personal space with questions that one might not want to answer. How to handle these kinds of situations, is something that I struggle with sometimes. Then, of course, there are versions that crop up where none of the version is correct.

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    1. Hmmm… my friend what is right will remain right forever! The moment we understand this fact and kind of forcing ourselves to stick to this path, gradually life will fall in place. I am not saying it will be easy but definitely worth the effort! Another tip that may work in difficult circumstances sometimes is SILENCE 🤫…. Do you agree?


  3. Yeah. You are right. Silence is the best. But people don’t accept silence too. Then they find us rude. But may be worth a try. Also, changing the conversation may work too. Thanks dear. 🙏

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