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Struggles of a perfect host!

Have you ever come across a perfectionist host, who keeps snapping, cribbing and sulking during the party he or she so painstakingly organized at home for his or her close friends! The reason could be as bizarre as that the serving plate just got chipped while laying the table or one of the snack items arrived late 😦 What’s the end result, the host did not enjoy the party!! What’s the point in hosting a party that you yourself can’t enjoy? Did your friends come to meet you or to see your serving capabilities! 😦

Do you know who decides how your day will be like? It is you…..yes, just you!

Think about this! You have a list of to-do things ready for each day; the items on the list may vary depending on what you do professionally and personally but even if it is finishing the last 3 episodes of the series you are about to complete on Netflix :)… you have a to-do list that you wish to complete before you hit the bed every night, right! So, ideally, the ”What” part is taken care by this to-do list!

But….“How” you will execute these things, i.e. if you will do everything with a smile or snapping at the servants or cribbing along…… will decide how your day & your life will be!

Please understand that life is nothing but the sum total of all the days that we have spent so far and the ones that are yet to come! So, my friend, be watchful of how you have let the days go by and be alert to make the required changes now, if any!

The time gone will never come back!

Smile, express your love for the ones you care about, try to be happy, share gratitude and appreciation at every possible opportunity, learn to create positivity and please remember to stay away from cribbing, snapping and all kinds of negative emotions.

Changing the “How” part of your life will help in deciding “What” you make of your life! Are you convinced?

Let us promise ourselves to introspect and make a conscious effort to ensure that going forward we will look at life as a gift and cherish and enjoy every moment like there is no tomorrow!

To conclude: Next time you host or attend a party, ensure that you carry your smile along! That is all what matters, really! Be alert of your emotions, as your life is sum total of how you spend each day!


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