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Phew!! Stains on white shirt – Can you help?

What will you do if you get a stain on your shirt? And especially if it’s a crisp white shirt!! You will do anything and everything to get rid of that stain, right?

You may rub it rigorously or you may give the shirt for dry cleaning or some other home remedy but you will try hard to get the stain off the shirt right!

You must be wondering what’s up with me that I am discussing shirt stains out of all the things! Well, when I will relate you will also be astonished!

Will you believe if I tell you that in life, we are in the habit of retaining the stains on our heart ❤️ and keep poking them to make it worse and deep with each passing moment, hour, month, year and then years, decades and our entire life!……..😮

Surprised? Let me explain if you have not already guessed the point I wish to make!

Every time we have a bad experience with anyone, we keep a grudge against them, that is symbolic of the stains on the shirt that I used in the example. But, unlike the shirt stain that we are so curious to remove, we work over time to keep these grudges intact.

Haven’t you heard your loved ones saying:

“Though I have moved on, but, in my heart I will always remember what he/she did to me! The memory of that incident will remain with me forever!”

Mind you, in life we get a lot of experiences and we may not remember all the good ones but we ensure to always keep all the nasty ones pretty fresh and always intact in our memory….. isn’t it?

To lead a good life that is full of positivity and happiness, we need to become alert and conscious in the way we deal with our experiences and take the path of “Forgive and Forget” and learn to LET GO , especially the negative emotions!

If you wish to bring in a positive change in your life, try recalling all the nasty instances that prick you, one at a time! If needed, write them on a piece of paper, put the sheet on fire and see it burn…..That moment should be symbolic of your letting go of that episode from your life and all grudges, emotions and sentiments.

Sometimes, doing these things with a physical expression like writing and burning the sheets really helps in erasing those difficult episodes from your memory! Gradually, you will become stronger and you will not need this extra effort of writing and burning, just a calm moment of thinking and refreshing your thoughts will be enough! Won’t be easy but believe me, if you can do this, life will change for you for good and you will find so much peace and solace within:)

Forgive them for what they did, because forgiving will help you in moving on in your life and trust me you will feel much lighter and happier.

To conclude: To progress in life, we have to clean our slate of the past experiences, especially the negative ones as that’s the only way to make place for new experiences, emotions and feelings. Help yourself by truly believing in the mantra of “ Forgive and Forget” and “Let Go”. Try practicing this and I promise you will love yourself just like the crisp white shirt ….. stainless indeed!


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11 thoughts on “Phew!! Stains on white shirt – Can you help?

    1. A very often given advise which is seldom actually followed…
      Forgive and forget….but you have put it with such a novel idea that one must give it a better shot this time….
      Good writing …keep it on

      Liked by 1 person

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