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Hey Mom – Do I eat this?

Tina, my friend’s 6-year old daughter went for a birthday party at her friends house. Just when the food got served, she got something in her tray that she liked from the look of it but she didn’t eat it right away! You will laugh what she did 😊 She ran with her tray to her mom and very innocently asked her:

β€œHey Mom! Do I eat this?” 😊😊

Suzie, Tina’s Mom held her tightly in her arms, kissed her and with a smile replied, β€œYes sweetheart! you definitely eat this and indeed you will love this dish! Help yourself with a bigger serving my love!”

Cute, isn’t it!! Wondering the connect?

Like Mom has most of the answers for their children, especially till they are actually children….. it’s kind of same with God, Almighty or with whatever name you call that Power! We are His children and the beauty of this fact is that we remain His children for our entire life; age does not matter here!

God like a loving mother, not only takes care of us and loves us unconditionally but also like a strict mother, disciplines us, pushes us to take that step that we are hesitant to take sometimes. Do you agree?

Have you ever heard a Mom over feeding her child?

Probably not…. as mothers seem to have this sixth sense that makes them fully aware of their children’s limits both inner as well as their outer limit!

Similarly, God knows our appetite for taking hardships and trust me, what we get in our bucket of troubles and hardships, we are worthy of pulling it off! We sometimes underestimate our capability but God knows our purpose & our strengths much more than we ourselves realize!

So, don’t hesitate, don’t be scared, don’t feel weak my friend, when you are put in situations you don’t feel comfortable in! You are indeed capable of handling any situation, if you have been put in it! Truly believe in the fact that God as your kind mother is testing you to make you stronger, sharper and brighter with each passing moment! Believe me, the journey will only become easier with this little change in your thought process….

To put it simply, like little Tina, if something has been served in your plate by God……. you surely have the ability to eat it! Bitter or sweet, chew it slowly my friend and trust me you will realize the benefits of everything that you go through in due course πŸ™‚

To conclude: Keep faith in whatever you believe in, surround yourself with lots of positivity that whatever has come your way, both good as well as bad has come for a purpose and have faith that you are capable of handling it! Believe me, with faith and a positive frame of mind, nothing can stop you from achieving a happy, fulfilling life 😊 Smile and march ahead my friendπŸ‘πŸ» Each step accompanied with bundle of positivity!


Published by successstories321

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14 thoughts on “Hey Mom – Do I eat this?

  1. Very true… Another gem from your basket of ideas… it’s very true that the challenges posed to us by God are the ones he believes we can overcome….
    So All the best… keep up the faith..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I started reading this to see if I can understand my 7 year old a bit better.

    After reading it, I find that possibly I understand myself better now, and possibly my relationship with kind and securing mother nature.

    Thank you SS321, you are one of those rare blogger who’s writing doesn’t need heavy words- since the content is itself powerful. Stay blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

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