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Should do! Could do!

The other day, I noticed in my son’s maths task sheet, there was a section titled, “Should Do” and then there was another section called “Could Do”! Wondering, what it meant, I checked with my son and he explained to me that “Should Do” section covers the basics and its compulsory for everyone to attempt that section and then the “Could Do” section includes challenge questions and they are given for the one’s who would like to check their knowledge of the concept further. If you attempt “Could Do” section, then, you get extra credits. Interesting, isn’t it!

This got me thinking about the real life scenario…..we offer help when we are asked to, i.e. the “Should Do”, we have been taught to do, but what about the opportunities wherein we are in a position to help, i.e. we “Could do”, but do we explore those opportunities well in our life??

That’s one question, I urge each one of us to ask ourselves everyday, morning and night!

More than 90% of the times, we are in a situation to help someone but we choose to look away thinking that they haven’t asked for it then, why should I get into this? Do you agree?

But my friend, your little offer of help may change a life, may bring smiles, cheer, happiness and hope to someone’s day! Every effort done in this direction is worth it, believe me!

Sometimes, the person seeking help just keeps waiting for you to offer that help and do you know why? Because they are scared of Denial….. so, they don’t ask directly. We on the other hand, expect people to ask for help if they need it, else, we don’t want to poke unnecessarily. In the bargain, a “Could Do” opportunity is lost!

I wish we all thought of changing our mindset a bit towards being more empathetic and offering our help wherever we have any capability to help!

Not with any expectations in return, just help to help and trust me, the ultimate satisfaction that you will get out of this act is priceless!

Be it helping someone find a job, a reference for a course, some guidance in exam, connecting someone to the right doctor or as simple as spending some time with an elderly couple in your neighborhood… anything, just anything that can help someone smile, feel motivated… this unconditional help that you give is your “Could Do” and remember the bonus points mentioned in the task sheet, my friend, believe you me, these acts will come handy when you would need any help!

I am not saying that we should help, as we need help in return but mind you, every drop counts and what we start today, may become a revolution and lets be optimistic enough to think that one day Helping out others will become a reflex action for all of us! Then, you and me, will also get help when we need it! What say? Isn’t it worth a try?

To conclude: If you are in a position to help someone, consider yourself blessed! I am not saying to give favours but genuinely if someone deserves a helping hand and you can offer yours, please never leave that opportunity of “Could Do”! The bonus marks that you get for attempting that “Could Do” will bring in a lot of motivation and happiness and satisfaction in your own life. Try it and share your experiences in the comment section, whenever you do! We are always looking out for inspiration!


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9 thoughts on “Should do! Could do!

  1. The biggest threat to compassion is the giver’s tendency to judge the credentials of the person at the receiving end.

    Do it because you are the privileged one among many- is is as simple as that 🙂

    Another nice read SS321.

    Liked by 1 person

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