Be selfish in forgiving!

Letting go, moving on, forgiving….. what’s the big deal!

Do you have emotional wounds from the past that feel as fresh as it happened right now? Trust me, you are not alone, my friend!

Most of us are living with grudges, scars, wounds of emotional trauma, an old tiff or argument….We are suffering within but unable to forgive! Do you also wonder why?

Sometimes, no actually most of the times, we feel bad or take avenge against acts of others which knowingly or unknowingly we may have also done to others…. Confused!

Well, to simply put it, as humans we need a closure to the things we do and this art of forgiving, helps us to create that balance in our doings, i.e. for the acts which we seek forgiveness vis a vis those, where others are seeking forgiveness from us!

So, for a happy and positive life, a great mantra to follow is :

Forgive to be forgiven!

Why care about it?

Giving forgiveness makes one feel lighter in the heart as well as mind and so is the benefit in seeking forgiveness! Believe me, it eases our thought process and creates abundance of positivity in our life!

When we forgive or seek forgiveness, the art is in the clear understanding and realization of the mistake (ours or theirs) and then promising our soul to never repeat and finally a closure, a mark for us to move on….

Till we learn to do this, all of this is very momentary, you may feel that you have forgiven or have genuinely asked for forgiveness but the wound/grudge is not healed completely and it keeps coming back! Relatable…

Like you are holding on someone’s grudge in your heart, someone may be holding a grudge against you! Life is all about balancing and here again we need to learn to balance between the give and take of forgiveness πŸ™‚

To conclude: Let go of the wounds that you hold so dear to your heart, forgive them, don’t wait for their “Sorry”, as you are forgiving them, my friend, not to do them a favour but to benefit your own soul and to create positivity in your own life and every forgiveness you will bestow, will bring you abundance of peace and calm, I promise. Try it, it just looks difficult but once you are in the flow, you will enjoy the fruits of this powerful gift!

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