But….I have a reason!

We all have heard about that old saying “ when we point a finger at others, the rest four point back at us” and most often than not, we all do try to be a little watchful in our actions….. don’t we? And indeed that’s the right thing to do 👍🏻

But, have you noticed that many a times, we end up tagging few of our relatives, friends, colleagues and peers for life for one of their nasty acts/comments which they may have committed just once or a few times. We judge them, discuss them with others, opine against them, etc. for the rest of our lives…..

Well, I am not saying what they did was right or wrong….. All I am saying is that there may have been moments and I bet there are (if you try to recall your own behavior) where we may have behaved nasty enough! But…..we always ended up justifying our heart, our mind and our friends and loved ones with various reasons to validate those acts of ours…..isn’t it?

Yeah, sure you had a reason to behave in a fashion you did but my friend, why does it take our entire life and even beyond to give that same benefit of doubt to our relatives, our friends and our loved ones?

Have you noticed that our body grows with age and we increase in height and size with time. It’s the law of nature and happens on its own, isn’t it! But….trust me, if the tenderness of our heart ❤️, our empathy, our sympathy, our love will grow equally with every passing year…. that’s not a give in and serious amount of efforts are required to be put in on that front! Do you agree?

Believe me, our heart decides our true age with the depth and compassion that has grown within ….so how old are you, my friend 🙂 In this case, bigger the better 🙂 isn’t it!

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To conclude: Be mindful that with age, like we need exercise for the physical wellness, we do need to continuously work on our compassion and mental endurance to become and remain emotionally well by opening up our hearts, by being more loving and forgiving! So choose wisely, my friend😊 Start now and challenge yourself to become better with each passing year.… Wow, if you have done this consciously for five years in a row, you are a Saint soul already🙏🏻 Hats off my friend…. for rest including myself, it’s never too late to start, what say?

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11 thoughts on “But….I have a reason!

  1. Our age grows by every passing year and are emotions too. It is an old saying that we become more wise when we grow up. Everyone has their own reasons for doing those actions. Well said….I truly agree with this statement.

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