Which hat are you wearing today?

Suzie has a great collection of beautiful hats and she loves (actually now I should say loved because in these times of pandemic, there are no parties happening šŸ˜¦ ) to flaunt them at our monthly get togethers…. Everytime she would walk in to our parties and sometimes even before she came, the talk around the table would be…. what will be her look today, etc. and believe me, she always outspelled us with her awesome style and class that she brought along!!

Well, we all love to flaunt what we have within and gather those lovely compliments and create that buzz around our presence, isn’t it!

But do we do it only with the positive things or most of the times, we try to get sympathy and attention from others, think about it?

Thinking about Hats, will you agree if I say that in life and in most of the situations that we come across, we have a choice to flaunt one of the 2 hats…..

“Victim Hat” or “Survivor Hat”

It takes least effort and is most convenient to wear the “Victim Hat” to get sympathy, love and attention of others….Somehow, wearing the so called Victim Hat comes naturally to all of us, but we have to bring in a lot of change in our mindset and approach towards life to start becoming a Survivor, as it takes extreme courage and sometimes arguments and disagreements!

So, which Hat do you choose to wear today, my friend?

Only by asking this little question to ourselves every now and then, we can be cautious about our behaviour and gradually, we can start becoming a Survivor rather than a Victim, what say?

To conclude: Please remember….. we are what we choose to be, so choose right, feel positive and lead your life with happiness, empathy rather than sympathy, be compassionate and help and educate others to become fighters and survivors in life too…..Survivors may be dissuaded and disagreed upon initially but believe me, in the end when they win the battle, they do get their due applaud and much more, yeah, their own satisfaction and their own victory to celebrate forever šŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Which hat are you wearing today?

  1. Nowadays people are more into gaining attention from others rather than showing their true affection. Only 10% of total world’s population is true about the situations and handle it themselves.

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  2. This is one of my favorites.. I feel god gives us challenges to evolve into stronger and better humans.. we should remember this and never feel victimized, rather think of ways to problem solve or accept the unsolvable and look out for whats next

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