Even little Tina knows!!

While little Tina was watching her favorite Peppa Pig video on her Tab, there popped an intimation and bang she ran to Suzie to tell her “ Mom, the battery is low, please put this on charging before it switches off!”

Relatable…. well in these times of global pandemic amidst COVID 19 when everything right from school learning to Dance classes to Birthday parties have moved online, we need to give full credit to our young angels who have not only embraced this change pretty well, they have even adapted to change pretty successfully 😊 isn’t it!

Like our phones and gadgets that emit out timely alerts when the battery starts to get low and till it finally dies down…… I started wondering…..

If as humans, don’t we also show up signals that when caught on time, can help us to recharge ourselves before we fully get sucked into it and fully burned out?

I think we do show signs and all it needs is an alert loved one who like little Tina can ensure timely intervention 🙂 as she knows that she’ll have to stay without her favorite videos while the Tab reboots after dying down 😉

All it takes is company of our loved ones, who in a little meeting, a brief phone call or sometimes just by mere sight can guess that something is bothering us….. am I right? Signs related to physical health are most of the times quite easy to figure out but it is more crucial when someone is suffering emotionally!!!

Any of our loved ones, with whom we enjoy a real bond, like our parents, spouses, best friends, children, this really stands true….. all it takes is a little watch out for these signs and then addressing it with a gentle talk, a warm hug or sometimes just giving them that assurance that “it’s okay” or “you are not alone” or “this too shall pass” or “life has given us plenty to be grateful for” the list is endless….

It’s not like one size fits all kind of situation, I know…. but when you have a true bond with someone, your heart knows, which words or actions of yours can bring calm to their anxious hearts and minds….. anxiety is just a state of mind and once it’s handled well, every “Problem” can begin to look like an “Opportunity”….. do you agree?

To conclude: We care about our loved ones and like our little Tina, who even before learning to read can understand the meaning and importance of battery low and also the consequences of not charging her Tab on time….. don’t you think we are big enough to watch out for our loved ones before they get drained and devastated and get sucked into their circumstances…. what say, can we lookout for others while our loved ones are looking out for us….imagine the love and the bond we will end up creating in the bargain….finally a Total Win-Win situation 🙂

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