“No Baggage” flight!

For all those who have traveled on domestic and/or international flights, would know that all airlines have different rules for baggage. Few allow one bag per passenger, while few others have restrictions on the basis of kilograms per passenger and further few have baggage size rules, etc.

While at airports, you would have noticed people struggling with their bags, shifting stuff to other bags or cartons to meet with those airline rules….. did you try to notice the stress on those people’s faces? They look to sad and frustrated, don’t they? It seems that this little episode has drained all the excitement (if they were beginning a new journey or they were returning from an excellent trip), isn’t it!!!

Imagine if an airline came with an option where “NO BAGGAGE” is allowed and you just need to board the flight and all your requirements will be taken care of by them, including your clothes, shoes, toiletries, food, drink….. what else do you need? Think about it….

Cross your heart and introspect…….how many days can you survive on such a travel?

Thinking about this, I realized that indeed our last journey of life is actually a “NO BAGGAGE” flight! All we will be allowed to carry with us will be the memories (both good and bad that we create during our lifetime) and the account of our deeds (good as well as bad) but do we really concentrate on those or are we all busy our entire life collecting materialistic things only?

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God is a great mathematician and I believe that He knew that if He had allowed humans to carry some baggage with them on their last journey then, trust me, we would still be living in Stone age with no development, as everyone who died would have taken most of it back with them :)…. do you agree?

In life, we keep collecting things for ourselves; if you open your cupboard right now, you will have 60-70% of the clothes that you have hardly worn in the last 2 years and now in this state of global pandemic amidst COVID-19, the percentage would have gone up to 90% for most of us, as we are forever in our comfort clothes and bathroom slippers, isn’t it! But, as humans, we are keepers and we just like to hold on to our material belongings forever.

To conclude: Come on, my friend, now is the right time….if you haven’t already, please do start collecting and creating beautiful memories that can be with you forever and will even remain with your loved ones even when you are gone. The best part is that financially it costs nothing, just a little time and love from you is required…..so what are you waiting for, there won’t be any last call for check-in for this NO BAGGAGE flight….I urge you to join me now in this mission of spreading happiness and smiles through your loving and caring deeds 🙂 and I promise you a fulfilling journey ahead and beyond!

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