Shhhh….Its okay!

You must have heard lot of mothers consoling their crying toddlers, patting them on the back and saying “it’s okay, shhhhhh….. it’s okay” over and over again! And more often than not, the toddlers do calm down and stop crying almost instantaneously, isn’t it?

I was wondering that how come something which is so okay to do as a toddler, becomes such a big deal when we grow up, yeah I am talking about crying 😢….. Surprised?

Believe me, sometimes the calm these flowing tears can give you can be priceless 👍🏻 When we let go of our inner feelings and stop holding ourselves back, sometimes we are able to see the solutions more clearly…. I am not preaching that you become a cry baby 😉 All I am saying is that sometimes it’s okay to let go without thinking about what others will think of us!

Especially for the boys and men out there, I would like to reiterate here that “ it’s indeed okay to let go of your feelings sometimes with a few tears as well” it does not make your macho go any less, trust me!!!

You may look weak to others while you shed a tear or two on the outside but once you have calmed down, trust me you will have a much better control on your emotions and a clear head to make the right decisions 😊

It is even written in our holy books and you may have experienced it too that while praying whole heartedly or while meditating, when you feel God or that Power around you, tears of divine emotions will fill your eyes and believe me that will lighten your heart and soul completely!

To conclude: Don’t restrict yourself too much as things keep building up within us….sometimes just be that little toddler and hug your loved ones and cry if you have to…. it’s okay, really it’s okay and you can thank me in the comment box for the priceless feeling thereafter 😃 Take care my friend and “All is well” 👍🏻

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4 thoughts on “Shhhh….Its okay!

  1. It is true that sometimes we should let go our inner feelings by crying…especially in the case of boys and men. We have also always heard around us people saying to a boy” Hey, boys dont cry only girls cry” , which shows how narrow minded are these people.

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