Tina’s colouring sheet!

Tina has been taking colouring classes online and every time she finishes colouring a sheet, like any other child, she also runs to her Mom, Suzie to get her comments! No doubt, Suzie is good at art, but much before that she is an amazing Mother! She knows how to help Tina improve without making her feel demotivated for the efforts she has put in her colouring sheet. It seems, our little angel also has observed that with Suzie’s inputs, she has been able to gradually improve and has been gathering much more appreciation from her teacher and peers during the online classes!

Wondering, why I brought up this topic?

What Tina did looked so simple and natural but when it comes to life, it is not that easy, my friend, believe me πŸ™‚

Well, I was thinking about the fact that in life, how many times, we are ready to accept/admit that may be somewhere we went wrong? or we can take some help?

Believe me, it takes a lot of courage for us to accept that we have done something which is wrong or not to our full potential, and then, it takes another level of strength to allow others to help us improve….Do you agree?

Most of the times in life, we live in this state of constant Denial and are not ready to Accept any of our mistakes/faults in the way we handled a situation or circumstances in life and furthermore, keep on blaming others for how the situation finally turns out! Though, trust me, deep down we already know our mistakes/faults, isn’t it!

One thing is to Accept our faults, which in itself takes a lot of courage and then, to allow your loved ones (your parents, spouse, friends, relatives), to help you is another ball game altogether!

Trust me, with little effort from our end, things can be totally different provided the other side is also as skilled as Suzie in the above example of Tina….You always know who can help you in a situation, just be open minded to ask for Help, when you need it!

For the loved one’s, while extending Help, please be mindful that the idea here is to help them improve and not to point fingers and bring someone down.

To conclude: In these COVID times, its not easy for any of us and it is a great deed, if we can Help or Guide a loved one to improve their life/circumstances in any way. Look out and be forthcoming! For those who are struggling, please be easy on yourself and accept that “its human to make mistakes”…… Move on, there is much more to to Life and we all deserve a Second chance! Go for it, my friend πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Tina’s colouring sheet!

  1. Completely agree. Well written. In one of the management training I attended, we were told to accept the criticism as a gift. If we have this mindset, we can only improve ourselves.

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  2. Wish we had more Suzies!!!! V well written. While one accepts their fault and would be mindful of it next time but wish folks don’t rub it in and keep reminding at every possible instance.

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