“Good Morning Miss”

We all remember that rhyming “Good Morning Miss” from our school times 🙂 now a happy memory but that time, it felt like pain….;)

When we wake up every day from our well rested sleep, we all know it’s morning…. but if it’s just morning or a “good morning” that remains to be explored, isn’t it!

Who decides what will be the outcome of our day….. every day?

Is it God, destiny, your family, your friends, your boss, your peers, your neighbors…..or YOU? Who is it? Take a moment and Think about it….

Like a reflex, we greet others “Good Morning”, but believe you me, very few genuinely hope and wish others in this greeting, isn’t it?

In order to make it less Mechanical and more Productive, can I suggest that we try something different – every night before going to bed….just ask yourself – Was it indeed a Good Morning for you? For few days you will have to push yourself, but gradually you will get into this introspection and reflection mode. You will be aware about the reasons, that made or spoiled your day and will give you clarity about what is it that you can do to make your next morning better!

I tried this and it works…… guess what did I realize….I was responsible for most of the outcomes…. yeah, no doubt, there are circumstances beyond our control but most of the times it’s just behavioral issues and with little introspection and reflection, we can improve so much, trust me 🙂

If you are motivated to give it a try, I would request you to share your comments in a day or two, once you have tried it and if you felt any change….. Convinced??? Hope so!!:)

To conclude: What starts well, stays well… not always but most of the times! So every night before sleeping, I urge you to do a quick check on how your day went by and try and make the next day better than just good and the best morning is not far away, just go for it, my friend 👍🏻!

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