This one is for keeps!

We all would have frequently said or heard our friends using this comment for many of our/ their materialistic possessions?

Oh, this one is not for regular use, it is for keeps, just to be used on special occasions!

I can bet that these possessions would have costed you a bomb, atleast when you bought them (mind you, this is a relative term and will vary on the financial bracket you are presently in). Remember the pride of owing that special possession you always wanted to have, the pride in your eyes, that valuable smile on your face πŸ™‚ It all looked worth it, back then, isn’t it!

Some of you, may have taken loans to buy these expensive keeps….just to get that feel good factor and then wait for those special occasions to flaunt it, but trust me, it may feel great for the first 3 times but post that, you are yourself bored or get used to with your special possession and may not feel like showing it off anymore, am I right?

But the burden of loan that you may have taken, may stick to you and keep burdening your budget for a much longer time or you may have done adjustments in your budget to accommodate this purchase!


With rapid changes in lifestyle and technology and sometimes even our mindset, especially in these pandemic times, there have been dramatic shifts in the trends and many of our classy possessions that we boasted about, are loosing their relevance 😦 or may have even become redundant! They may have gone out of style or you may have overgrown (if it is a piece of clothing, shoes, etc.) or their improvised versions are now available, etc.

What mattered so much to you back then, does not hold good now and this is a vicious cycle, that keeps us engaged our entire life. This is true, not only for our materialistic possessions but for our feelings too…..

Trust me, we can make every occasion special, if we are Happy and Contented but if we are not, then, no amount of materialistic possessions can do that for us….do you agree?

To conclude: Please stop finding excuses to delay your Reasons to Smile πŸ™‚ Life is too short, live Life in every moment and learn to find Happiness in Little Things….No harm in wearing that expensive watch or that beautiful necklace or ring that you possess, right at home sometimes and feel special, rather than wait for any special occasion that may take too long…..Trust me, it is the feeling of Enjoying your Possessions that makes that possession Special for you πŸ™‚

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