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Why did you meet them?

Have you ever wondered why some people are so helpful and send you good vibes while some you just can’t stand! We all know that God cannot practically come down to help us in our times of need and also to punish us for the bad deeds that are done along the way. God isContinue reading “Why did you meet them?”

Aiming at “Zero” – a state of absolute balance!

During our journey of life, we continuously keep performing deeds almost every other second. If as an administrator, one is told to keep track of the deeds of few persons for just one day, believe me, that person will go crazy in maintaining the record. God is a great mathematician and everything in God’s workingContinue reading “Aiming at “Zero” – a state of absolute balance!”

Positive reflections

Once a teenaged boy complained to his teacher that he has no friends, nobody talks to him. The teacher had been observing the boy for last few days in the class already and he had noticed that this boy’s behaviour was rude with everyone. He used to snap at anyone who he interacted with andContinue reading “Positive reflections”