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Its just a needle, but….

Once a greedy businessman got really sick and was almost on deathbed. He had only collected wealth for him and his family throughout his life at the cost of troubling and cheating others. At this moment, he was scared of death and was suffering in pain and anxiety. To ease his death, his family approachedContinue reading “Its just a needle, but….”

Perceptions are seldom right!

Alex overheard these voices from Tom’s house for last three days: Why don’t you just leave Stella? How many times do I have to tell you the same thing? Oh, don’t bother about Tina, you are not taking her with you at any cost. I won’t let you! Don’t have any doubts, we will manageContinue reading “Perceptions are seldom right!”

Why wait for a rainy day to ask?

Have you ever got stranded in heavy rain……water clogged all around! You are not even equipped with an umbrella or a rain coat and to top it all you are getting late for a crucial meeting. Looking for a shed to avoid getting drenched in rain and somewhere deep in your heart, you are questioningContinue reading “Why wait for a rainy day to ask?”

Aww..consoling little Tina

Tina, my friend’s 3 year old daughter was wailing and crying away to glory! She was just unstoppable. Her mother Lisa, a close friend of mine, was trying every possible trick to talk to her, to convince her that everything was all right. But…!! Tina had closed all channels, she was not listening at all!Continue reading “Aww..consoling little Tina”

Oh! no more, I am Done!

When life was created on earth, only the ‘Needs‘ for their survival were defined! Then came the ‘Wants’ and since then, there is no dearth for choices! Do you agree? Do you also wonder, how much is really needed to lead a healthy & happy life? Believe me, it is very very minimal to whatContinue reading “Oh! no more, I am Done!”

Perfection differs – depends how you like your Cup of Tea!

A cup of tea that may be perfect for one may taste horrendous for the other! Some like it with milk some without, some like it with a pinch of sugar some fully loaded, some like it boiled while others may like simple tea bag tea. Some may like to add condiments like cardamom, cinnamon,Continue reading “Perfection differs – depends how you like your Cup of Tea!”

“Over” a perfect recipe for disaster!

Do you know that there is a very thin line between enough and too much! Can’t agree more with the phrase: Too much of everything is bad! Whenever there is a need to add the prefix “Over”; it implies that we are doing that activity in excess or too much than required. Over-eating, over-sleeping, over-thinking,Continue reading ““Over” a perfect recipe for disaster!”

Alex’s dream – a nightmare or a blessing!

Alex, a young man about 30 years old started experiencing a weird phenomenon each morning; he would be sweaty and panicky each time he woke up. No no, it was nothing to do with his heart or blood pressure 😊; it was indeed a nasty dream that woke him up every day for almost a month. Read on to know more…..