They say “Don’t laugh too much or you will cry!”

Last week I visited my friend, Annie for a cup of coffee at her house. Her 6 year old daughter Tina was giggling away to glory sitting next to Annie on the kitchen table who was busy preparing coffee for me. I heard Annie saying the same thing to Tina a few times that caught my curiosity. Not sure, if you have heard this before too…….

Stop laughing too much Tina or else you will have to cry soon!

Soon coffee was ready and Tina pushed off to her room and I sat with Annie for a chit chat in the living room. During the conversation, I eagerly asked Annie why was she telling Tina not to laugh too much and she said:

“I don’t know, actually, my Mom always used to tell me the same! But, thinking through don’t they say that too much of everything is bad, so one should abstain from going over board on anything! And from experience, I have observed this happening with Tina every time she laughs too much!”

We moved to other discussions and during my train ride back home, I thought through about this and hope the findings are worth a thought by each one of you, my reader friends….. πŸ™‚ okay, coming to the learning that I got:

Addressing the first part, Why should you not laugh too much?

Firstly, let me capture this thought – Too much of everything is bad, as rightly pointed out by my friend, Annie! The first learning to remember from this experience….. now, getting to some deeper insights πŸ˜‰

When we are too happy in a situation, what we call the happy phases of our life, we tend to take these phases of our life for granted, isn’t it!

We start believing that we are made to live this life of luxuries and blessings and want to remain high on life. We assume that “NOTHING WILL CHANGE”! But we all know, that is not to be!

To remain in a constant state of well being, we need to learn the art of balancing, the art of being unaffected by circumstances.

I bet we all have seen a “Happy Beggar” and/or a “Worried Millionaire”!

Try to be normal and calm in all kind of situations! Please remember that your happiness as well as sorrow is a state of mind and does not and should not depend on the money, luxuries or gifts….. irrespective of with or without! Learn to get high on life, on positivity, my friend.

Coming to the second part, else you will cry……You may not believe, but this is so true…

Life is a mixed bag…. full of ups and downs and it is a known fact that most highs are followed by a few episodes of low, isn’t it?

We are very quick in raising our expectations and even quicker in cribbing when our expectations are not met!

So, the only way out for us is to be aware of ourselves with regular introspection. This will help in keeping our emotions and our mental state in control.

Don’t let happy moments take you over the top and never allow the sad one’s to push you under the ground.

Try to remain grounded and maintain your calm and peace of mind in all kinds of situations; remain unaffected. (Read my earlier blog, Stay grounded!)

If you like reading my blogs, request you to leave a little comment in the section below. Its your words that motivate me to write more…. thank you for bringing me this far!

Sharing another relevant blog on this topic: Gym with guaranteed results! Its a promise!

To conclude: The key to happiness is in the art of balancing; in being alert of what we think and feel and regularly introspect to keep a constant check on our emotions. The moment you reach this stage of your journey called life, you will be able to see every problems in your life as an opportunity, a challenge that you have to cross to move ahead and not as a sad moment or a problem.

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11 thoughts on “They say “Don’t laugh too much or you will cry!”

  1. I really agree with the above msg that we should remain calm and happy in all circumstances. Its a phase for sometime. Well said that excess of everything is bad.. I agree and accept.

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  2. My grandmother used to tell me. This is so true. Excess of anything is bad. Even being good too. When happy either we take life for granted or people take us for granted.

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  3. You know as a kid i used to laugh and cry at the same time. Funny but true. I cud laugh uncontrollably and then cry and again laugh. Oh you brought back a long lost memory. Thanx guess i learnt the balancing act v early in life.

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  4. Thanks Purnima for sharing your wise words! I like the way you brought in the topic through the little Tina and her mother Annie. Even though it is true for adults to remember that both the highs and the lows are passing states of being, I do hope little Tina can laugh her heart away and does not yet need to worry about things going wrong.

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