Oops, it was right here!

Have you experienced looking out for something that was already with you!


While talking on her phone, Tina got panicked that where is her phone ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank God she had a happy realization pretty quick. Relatable!! Another one, when she frantically started searching for her spectacles except for her own head!!

Am I trying to point on Tina for her “forgetfulness”, No! ofcourse not! I know when I point at someone, four fingers point back at me ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป. Wondering what is it then……The thought that I wish to share is the human tendency to โ€œReactโ€.

Do you realize that most of the times, we tend to get in a state of panic much before the situation is actually critical! “Reaction” is an impulse that happens without any thoughts!

Think about this….,if we donโ€™t react in a situation (recall Tinaโ€™s examples above), and remain calm and donโ€™t panic, can the scenario be better?

Ofcourse yes, because we will be conscious of our surroundings, our options, our choices and every decision that we will make will be a โ€œResponseโ€ and not a โ€œReactionโ€…. Does this make sense?

With respect to our acts, an important fact to remember is:

What’s done cannot be undone! So, we got to be cautious!

Believe me, most of the family and friendly quarrels are an instant result of this phenomenon of Reacting!

Post the reaction, once you realize what you have done….. you can keep giving as many justifications/apologies you may like for your behaviour but what do you think they will remember for the rest of their lives? Any guesses?

Yes, it is not your apologies but your harsh words/reactions!

And mind you, these will remain with them in their dark memories forever and ever till they die! Oh, this is getting intense, isn’t it! Can we do anything to avoid this scenario?

Just being aware and mindful in all our actions is the key! Panic arises when we lose control of our mind. Try to recall some decisions from your past that you repent today – I can bet, 70% of those were reactions and thus the repent! Am I right?

Response, on the other hand, is a well thought of, measured action taken after considering the pros and cons of a situation!

Only if we had learnt to take a moment to observe, to introspect and analyze situations, we will be able to prepare ourselves to respond correctly in any given situation, isn’t it!

So, my friend, it is very important for us to include that moment of PAUSE between the action and our counter action and in practical application, that is exactly what the difference is between “React” and “Respond”. If we can be conscious and alert and master this little learning, we can be sorted for life, I can guarantee!

I urge you to read my earlier blog on this topic.. Thank God life is not a “bed of roses”!.

To conclude: Letโ€™s be aware and alert of what we do, say and even think and then promise ourselves to always be calm and Respond and never React! Whatever we need is around us, and we will find it sooner or later. All we need to do is to look for it with a calm mind minus the panic! Always remember to include a moment of PAUSE. Next time, before looking out for answers outside, how about doing some introspection both physically and mentally ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck my friend!

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