Oops, it was right here!

Have you experienced looking out for something that was already with you! Confused? While talking on her phone, Tina got panicked that where is her phone 😀 Thank God she had a happy realization pretty quick. Relatable!! Another one, when she frantically started searching for her spectacles except for her own head!! Am I tryingContinue reading “Oops, it was right here!”

“Happy Struggler”/”Depressed King”- you choose!

Are you feeling that you are suffering….. more mentally than physically, then, this one is just for you 🙂

They say “Don’t laugh too much or you will cry!”

Last week I visited my friend, Annie for a cup of coffee at her house. Her 6 year old daughter Tina was giggling away to glory sitting next to Annie on the kitchen table who was busy preparing coffee for me. I heard Annie saying the same thing to Tina a few times that caughtContinue reading “They say “Don’t laugh too much or you will cry!””

When you don’t tell me, “I assume”!

I was on my evening walk along with my husband, when we saw a small balloon on the passage. We looked around and saw a little child being carried away in arms by her nanny accompanied by another lady that looked like her grandmom. We both assumed that the balloon belonged to that child andContinue reading “When you don’t tell me, “I assume”!”

Pondering on a solo train journey!

Imagine yourself on a long solo train journey on a luxury train. Let’s say that you will take around 3 days to reach your destination. Note: Phones and wi-fi does not work on this train, so social media interaction is ruled out 😉 How many movies can you watch and how much music you canContinue reading “Pondering on a solo train journey!”

Never say Never!

When we say “Never”, we kind of restrict ourselves from trying. Till a year back, I was so sure that I would never do something, but then circumstances took over! Not only am I doing it, but unbelievably, I am enjoying it too! Has this happened to you as well? Believe me, we form ourContinue reading “Never say Never!”

Struggles of a perfect host!

Have you ever come across a perfectionist host, who keeps snapping, cribbing and sulking during the party he or she so painstakingly organized at home for his or her close friends! The reason could be as bizarre as that the serving plate just got chipped while laying the table or one of the snack itemsContinue reading “Struggles of a perfect host!”

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